Sherman is the god of the volcano Mount Acidophilus on Blood Island. The Cannibals who moved from Monkey Island to Blood Island worship him. Many foods upset Sherman, causing the volcano to erupt; the worst of these is cheese, as Sherman is lactose-intolerant. The Cannibals, who in the first game are already shown to be very health-conscious, adopt strict vegetarian customs to appease Sherman (though Lemonhead will mention that Sherman isn't a strict vegetarian). They started to feed the volcano vegetable-mannequin sacrifices (one a day) to appease him. This caused the volcano to stop erupting—much to the Goodsoup Hotel's misfortune as they could no longer use their lava barbecue.

Sherman is the Cannibals' principal god but they have an entire pantheon of food- and cutlery-devoted gods, including Eunice, Myron, Ricky, Leroy and Merton.

The Coming of the Divine DysenteryEditar

This is the Cannibals' name for Mt. Acidophilus's violently eruptions. Guybrush causes this by throwing cheese into the volcano caldera, causing the volcano to erupt and spill a stream of lava down onto Blood Island. Returning to the top of the volcano is too dangerous after this event.

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