Planet Threepwood

Planet Threepwood is a restaurant on Jambalaya Island. The restaurant was produced by Ozzie Mandrill Enterprises and documents the life of Guybrush Threepwood—the most famous pirate of the Tri-Island Area, according to the restaurant. The restaurant displays items belonging to Guybrush and to Elaine Marley on its walls. Murray's arm can also be seen in there.

This is where Guybrush can find a silver monkey head (in the form of a mug), one of the components of the Ultimate Insult.

Planet Threepwood is a parody of the Planet Hollywood chain of restaurants which feature memorabilia, props and costumes from famous movies.


Inside Planet Threepwood

Inside of Planet Threepwood


  • Stan's Budget Baloney Sub: four pieces of ham, turkey and baloney, smothered in three types of cheese on rye bread.
  • Swordmaster's Delight
  • Lobster LeChuck
  • Guybrush's Mighty Pirate Burger
  • Largo's Lemonade
  • Phatt Phizz