There are several Governor's Mansions throughout the Monkey Island series.

Mêlée IslandEditar


The Mêlée Island Governor's Mansion in The Secret of Monkey Island

The Mêlée Island Governor's Mansion is a Victorianesque structure located on a cliff outside Mêlée Town. Immediately behind it is a sheer group of mountainous peaks. It is occupied by Governor Elaine Marley. In The Secret of Monkey Island, a group of deadly Piranha Poodles guards the mansion. It also houses the Idol of Many Hands, guarded by gophers, a rhino, clowns, and various other anti-theft devices. The player can only view one room of the mansion, but action takes place in other rooms behind the scenes.

The Mêlée mansion returns in Escape from Monkey Island as home to both Governor Marley and Guybrush Threepwood. The craggy mountains around the mansion have gone, and it is located further from Mêlée Town than the first game depicted.

Booty IslandEditar


Booty Island Governor's Mansion

The Booty Island Governor's Mansion is located on a tiny islet that is only connected to Booty Island by a narrow spit of sand. It is again occupied by Governor Elaine Marley. This mansion is more secluded, however, nestled among a dense forest, far from town. It is designed to resemble a castle with turrets.

The player has the opportunity to see much more of this mansion than the one in the first game. The mansion has a downstairs room for entertaining guests, and a staircase leading to the second floor and Elaine's bedroom. Around the back of the mansion, at ground level, is the kitchen.

Elaine employs a chef, and a gardener named Filbert. The latter at one point leaves to go "rake the back forty," which would indicate that the mansion is on a block of land at least forty acres in size, although the term also has a colloquial meaning as the most remote section of a property. According to the Voodoo Lady, the kitchen and landscaping crew quit shortly after the events of Monkey Island 2, prompting her to move to her fortress on Plunder Island.

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Phatt Island Governor's Mansion

The Phatt Island Governor's Mansion is a grandiose building reminiscent of a 19th-century Caribbean plantation house. The structure of the mansion suits its resident, Governor Phatt. It is located at the southern end of Phatt Island, by a picturesque ocean. The grounds of the mansion are neat and well-kept, and the perimeter ringed by a high stone wall.