Concept art of The Barbery Coast

The Barbery Coast is a pirate barber shop on Plunder Island, located in Puerto Pollo. Its catchphrase is "Where every haircut is an adventure!" Its employees are pirates who wished to enjoy the sea from the safety of land, and to sing in a barbershop quartet.

The shop is manned by three pirate barbers: Haggis McMutton, Cutthroat Bill, and Edward Van Helgen. Dominique used to work there, but left because of "artistic differences".

Portrait galleryEditar

The shop has a portrait gallery with portraits of past customers. Here is a list of the descriptions that accompany these portraits:

  • Captain Richard Squawkins – There never was a more despicable knave! But we gave him an impeccable body wave!
  • Captain Charles Vain – The captain stood seven feet high in his boots. But you'd never have guessed that we dyed his roots.
  • (picture of a skull) – Another satisfied customer.
  • Jack Rackaham – Always a dapper crook, Jack wore the layered look.
  • In Loving Memory: Crackers (1684-1685)
  • Captain Stede Grommette – He fought and he struggled... he kicked and he brawled... but when he left our shop... we made sure he was bald.
  • Thomas Lewd – Here was a dangerous man, when accosted. But he looked pretty good when his hair had been frosted.
  • Rachel Squall – This lady, we're certain, was no debutante. She killed twenty men while she wore this bouffant.
  • Edward Screech – When it came to rum, Edward Screech never skimped. He drank a whole bottle while he had his hair crimped.

There is also a cameo of Max from Sam and Max in a picture on the left wall, which the player can only see while Van Helgen is playing a wicked banjo solo on the Field of Honour before Guybrush beats him with the pistol.