Grog is the dilution of rum with water, with lime and sugar added. In the Monkey Island series, grog is not only the drink of choice, but a useful inventory item. There is also a non-alcoholic version called near-grog.


The drink is often attributed to British Admiral Edward Vernon who ordered his ship's rum rations diluted with water and often wore a coarse grogram coat, hence the name.[1]


According to the Pirate Leaders, the mixture for grog is secret, but may contain one or more of the following:

  • kerosene
  • propylene glycol
  • artificial sweeteners
  • sulphuric acid
  • rum
  • acetone
  • red dye no. 2
  • scumm
  • axle grease
  • battery acid
  • pepperoni


  • Grog
  • Near-Grog, with much less by way of volatile ingredients
  • Breathmaster Grog-O-Mint
  • Groggacchino
  • "Lite" Grog, with half the calories and a much worse taste
  • Grogatini
  • Moldy Grog, sprinkled with just a hint of sea spray and shattered dreams (mentioned only)
  • Diet Grog
  • Cherry Grog, Guybrush's second-favourite flavour
  • Purple Grog, Guybrush's favourite flavour (mentioned only)
  • Grog XD, an energy drink
  • Banang ("It's like grog for monkeys. And a leading cause of simian diabetes.")

Role in GamesEditar

Except for The Curse of Monkey Island, the Grog Machine appears in all of the games.


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