Governor Phatt

Governor L. Phatt is the governor of Phatt Island. He is extremely large, obese and unable to leave his bed. He is fed by a series of tubes next to his bed, that at set times will shoot liquid food directly into his mouth. The governor serves as a minor villain and antagonist for Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

Having a love for both luxury and food, Phatt uses his political power and control to orchestrate much "creative financing", hinting that he is very active in criminal activities, to pay for his excessive purchases in lavish food and luxurious furniture. He has a reputation as a cruel and uncaring pig who rules his island as a tyrant and only uses his power to further his own agenda at the expense of his own citizens. Due to this, Phatt Island is transformed into a dictatorship where any sign of resentment towards the governor is met with deadly circumstances.

When LeChuck returns in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, he places a bounty of Guybrush Threepwood's head that Governor Phatt is more than willing to take up as he sees it as yet another opportunity to increase his wealth and uphold his luxurious lifestyle. He has Guybrush imprisoned when he arrives on Phatt Island to hold till LeChuck arrives to pick him up. It is unknown whether LeChuck ever arrives on Phatt Island or if Governor Phatt meets with some ill fate at LeChuck's hand for promising him that he had Guybrush captive only for LeChuck to find out that he has escaped.

Governor Phatt has checked Famous Pirate Quotations out of the Phatt City Library; it sits on his enormous belly. Guybrush swaps the book with another in a move reminiscent of Indiana Jones, in order to find Rapp Scallion's coffin. The Governor has also written an autobiography entitled Lick the Silver Spoon, also found at the library.

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