Tipo Atolón
Región Área de las Tres Islas
Gobernador Ozzie Mandrill (de facto)
Lugares de interés

Academia de transmogrificación pirata

Playa rocosa

Knuttin Atoll is a small island off the coast of Jambalaya Island and the third new island introduced in Escape from Monkey Island. Following his remaking of Jambalaya as a tourist destination, Ozzie Mandrill used the atoll as a prison for unreformed pirates. The atoll is guarded by Admiral Ricardo Casaba, who patrols the sea between Knuttin Atoll and Jambalaya Island and fires cannons at any group of three or more pirates he sees. The island has an extremely grim appearance; it's constantly cloudy, despite perpetual sunny skies over on Jambalaya.

Knuttin Atoll houses Ozzie Mandrill's Pirate Transmogrification Academy, whose mission is to reform pirates into healthy, normal, productive members of society. It is run by Miss Rivers. It is also the residence of Jumbeaux LaFeet, Miss Daisy, Hellbeard and numerous other pirates. When Guybrush knocks on a door of a house, someone always says "Go away!" Guybrush can reach the island from Jambalaya by a small community rowboat.

The island's name is a play the phrase "nothing at all", a state which the pirates fear it will become while Ozzie maintains control.